Our aim in ODBK is to build an art world with equality, diversity and democracy. Out of corruption,nepotism, speculation or manipulation. Be part of the ODBK - AMARC coalition to carry out important decisions to define the current art world based on democratic processes.

Benefits for being part of the ODBK

For Artists
  • Certified backup of the quality and price of the work of an artist
  • More visibility for experts in art from all the world and -be discovered-
  • Get advice and feedback from experts in art from all the world
  • Get references from experts in art to endorse your work
For all participants of the art world
  • Discover new values for the art world
  • Know deeply the work of emergent artists of all the world
  • Making extra money with the knowledge and experience in art
  • More visibility in the art world
  • Allow a stronger influence in the art world of your knowledge and experience in art

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